SEI Chemical Canada

Specialists in Protective Coatings

RV and Mobile Home Roof Restoration


Why Is Our System Better Than All The Rest?

It's very simple. This is NOT A COATING. This is a roofing system. This is a system that was designed to last in the harshest of conditions and currently used on millions of square feet of commercial buildings such as warehouses, malls, universities, residential and much more.

  • Approved by the State of Florida for use in hurricane zones
  • Tested to -50 Degrees Celsius
  • California Title 24, Miami Dade Roofing Council, Florida Power & Light Approval
  • Energy Star Cool Roof Testing (ASTM D-6083)
  • Factory Mutual <FM> Class 1 Stand Alone and Class A Fire Rated System Approval

We use a 100%, Increased Resin Content, Acrylic Fabric Reinforced system that is uniquely suited to withstand the constant pressures that Recreational Vehicles exhibit while in motion.

This is the reason that we can offer a 10 year warranty. The warranties themselves are absolutely unique in this industry. That is because the warranty is both Renewable and Transferable. Only if one has the absolute confidence in their system will they offer those options.